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Spring Buds and Flowers

It’s no question that with Spring being sprung our minds instantly go to flowers. Cherry blossom buds and blooming crocuses, but what about cannabis buds and flowers? Intensely complex and beautiful, they’re unlike any other plant on this planet. As we celebrate our first Spring with legalized weed, we thought we’d share some of our favourite buds with you. A lot goes into creating this beautiful flower, months of tender care, watered with only the purest mountain spring and tended to more carefully than the gardens at Buckingham Palace.

Ice Qwest (Ice Cream Cake) Bud Flower _
Vision Qwest (aka Strawberry Cough) close up flower _
Wonder Qwest (aka Sour Diesel) up close and personal _
Wonder Qwest (Aka Sour Diesel) flower stem _
Zest Qwest (aka Super Lemon Haze)_
Spirit Qwest (aka Wedding Breath) Stem of buds_
Vision Qwest (aka Strawberry Cough) bouquet_