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British Columbia. Synonymous with natural beauty. Snow-capped mountains and deep blue waters. Towering evergreen forests and richly-soiled valleys. A place of plenty. Canada’s little corner of Eden — an especially apt moniker given the once “forbidden fruit” that grows oh-so-well in its garden. BC Bud. Synonymous with world-class cannabis. Ask experts in Ibiza, Amsterdam or L.A., and they will agree that BC Bud is the best. But why? What is it that makes BC Bud rise so high above?

The answer to this question starts with a story. Some sixty odd years ago, the Vietnam War triggered a wave of relocation. Conscientious draft objectors from California, Oregon and Washington were drawn to the promise of a peaceful home in BC. At the time, the province’s cannabis industry was in its youth, with local growers starting to develop the knowledge and techniques that would shape cannabis culture in BC.

Of the 30,0000 migrants that took refuge in BC, a few brought with them seeds that would serve to diversify and strengthen an already burgeoning industry. Settling down in communities across the Fraser Valley and the Okanagan, they discovered that through some quirk of fate, they had landed in a place possessed of ideal cannabis growing conditions — a place where they could plant those seeds and watch them grow to new heights.

Now, we approach the crux of the matter. Bud took root in BC all those years ago, and continues to thrive to this day, due to a divine combination of environment, and natural and socio-political climate.


Pristine air, pure rocky mountain water and naturally rich soil are all qualities inherent to the area popularly referred to as the Kootenays, the traditional home of cannabis in BC. The Kootenays has long been recognized as one of the most fertile growing environments in the world. There may as well be a sign that says: Welcome to Cannabis Country.


A hospitable climate encourages cannabis cultivation in BC. Receiving on average 47 inches of rain per year, BC classifies as a rainforest. This ample rainfall feeds plant growth and augments crop yield. Add to this a few long, hot summer days and a cool yet mild fall season, and the result is some of the most complex, resilient and praise-worthy strains on the planet.


Fertile soil, both literal and figurative, contributed to the rise of cannabis culture in BC. Despite the fact that it has only just been legalized, cannabis has been an important part of BC’s economy for years — estimates place the industry at $6-9 billion annually. Some say it is due to this economic importance that politicians and law enforcement have traditionally approached cannabis regulation ‘light-handedly’. Reasons notwithstanding, this light-handed approach afforded BC cannabis growers the time and freedom to hone their techniques, to learn and to reinvest in their craft. In large, what sets BC Bud apart is its growers; their expertise, their experience and their proud history.

The Qwest Cannabis Estate sits at the epicenter of these conditions. Nestled in the heart of Cannabis Country in BC’s Creston Valley, Qwest’s plants benefit from the bounty of both climate and environment. With over 50 years of combined experience, Qwest’s growers are dedicated to carrying on the tradition of ‘BC Bud’ with their line of ultra-premium products — taking BC Bud from ‘best’ to ‘extraordinary’.