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World Water Day

This Friday, March 22nd marks World Water Day, an annual UN initiative that draws attention to the importance of fresh water and its sustainability.

As well as inspiring people to take action, the occasion is also an opportunity for us to learn more about something that we all too often take for granted. Something that covers two thirds of our planet and makes up more than 60% of our entire bodies.

Water is a vital ingredient to all life. But when it comes to growing cannabis, water is about so much more than just helping our plants to thrive and survive. In fact we believe that the water that goes into our weed has a direct impact on what you get out of it.

Here’s why…

The close relationship between water and cannabis.

Water. All life on earth is dependant on it, and that’s no less true for cannabis. In fact roughly 90% of the plant is made up of H2O, and water plays an important role in not just how crops grow, but also the quality of the cannabis that they deliver.

Water transports nutrients from the soil to the plant, it gives the crop its lushness, and plays a major role in the photosynthesis that nourishes it. All of which means that there is a close correlation between quality water and quality cannabis.

Put simply, if the plant doesn’t have access to enough good quality water then it will not be able to grow properly. That means that crops not only yield a lot less, but they also yield poorer quality pot.

Here comes the science bit…

Look this isn’t a biology lesson, so we’re not going to bore you with a lot of complicated scientific details. But we’d all like to know a little bit more about what goes into the bud we’re rolling up at home wouldn’t we? Our growers certainly do. In fact this is the kind of stuff that keeps them up at the night, the details that have helped to fuel their passion for cannabis through generations.

Details like the importance of the pH level of the water you’re using on your plants. You see cannabis can be a demanding mistress. She likes her water kept at an even 6.5 – a little lower if she’s a certain kind of indica – because that provides the peak conditions for transporting nutrients from root to tip. Any fluctuation, however slight, can have a huge knock on impact on the entire crop.

It’s not just pH levels that cannabis is a stickler for, she’s also particular when it comes to the oxygen levels in her water. In nature, water is constantly moving. Whether it’s rivers and streams or rainfall and water tables, it’s constantly flowing and this enables that all important oxygen to get mixed up and fed to plants along the way. On the flip side, in many farms the water used for crops is stagnant, stored somewhere on site before being used to irrigate or flush the crop. It’s not necessarily that this water has gone bad. But the longer water sits still the less oxygen for plants to soak up through their roots.

Why’s does this matter you may ask? Well, think of it this way. What would you rather drink? Water that’s been sitting around for a few days or water that comes fresh from a rippling stream? We know what we’d choose.

A gift of nature

The Qwest Cannabis Estate where our plants are grown, sits in the Creston Valley nestled in the heart of British Columbia’s traditional cannabis country – where world renowned BC Bud has been cultivated for decades.

But it’s not just bud that BC is famous for, it’s also known for the Rocky Mountains and the pristine waters they provide. These crystal clear waters start at the highest snow-tipped points of this imposing mountain range; forming raging waterfalls, winding rivers and crystal clear streams as they move towards sea level.

One of these mountain streams runs naturally through the Qwest Cannabis Estate. Like a gift from nature, this water is not just clean, but perfectly ph balanced to the level that cannabis plants desire.

That means we are able to water our harvests with some of the purest and cleanest water in the world. We also carefully flush all of our plants using nothing but this naturally sourced Rocky Mountain water, because we believe that great water equals great bud.